New Client Intake Form

Whether you are an existing Corporation or a newly formed business operation, please use this application to start the credit process. Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. The online application is both simple and secure and should only take a few minutes.

Use this when you have an initial conversation with a client

List all components including attachments
If USD, note Sale Price $ / USD
If Private Sale, Indicate “Private Sale”
Include available cash down payment, and or any trade equity. If 1st payment or 1st and last, note “1st Payment or 1st and Last”
If Applicable, note the description and approximate value of the asset being used as collateral. If real Estate, note the Address with estimated value and estimate debt against it. If nothing, simply write “N/A”
Applicable items that offer a general description of the client. IE. website, how long in business, name of the ownership/management team, fleet size, where they have existing funding, existing fleet size, top three clients, etc.
A description of why the client is asking for the money. Is it a replacement? If so, why? Is it an additional unit(s), if so why? Here is where we also describe the purpose of the request and more importantly, the monetary effect the requested advance/acquisition will have on the business.
Give the name of the entity supporting the request (Please note, the client applying is not the guarantee). If no entity is supporting, simply write “N/A”
This is where you note any additional information you feel will help describe the business, add value to the submission, explain a derogatory item on the credit report, why you feel the deal should be approved
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