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Credit Writing

Having a strong credit team can mean the difference between an approval or a decline. We know how to effectively package the credit information and navigate the sometimes, complicated lending world. As your credit team, we take the time to figure out how to get the deal done and when we present that deal, it’s easy for the lender to understand the transaction.

Creative Thinking

A ‘cookie cutter transaction’ is one thing. Higher risk profiles are another and can be challenging to produce positive results. Higher risk not only includes poor credit but also new owner operators. At Credit Coalition, we have the funding relationships and knowledge to think outside the box, giving even the toughest of credit profiles a fighting chance. We offer the finesse and credit skillset that can make the difference in turning declines into approvals.

All Types of Assets. All Types of Credit.

If it generates revenue, we can find a lender to help. Working with a large, diverse group of lending partners allows us to achieve success for virtually all types or size of asset, and almost any type of credit profile.

Funding Channels

Not all deals are the same. Having a variety of funding channels is important to obtaining more approvals to meet your clients needs. We service across Canada and also have funding sources to help USA clients. Our lender partners can fund both vendor and private sale transactions as well as Sale and Leaseback requests.

Documentation & Funding Support

Obtaining the approval is only the first step. Efficient documentation and funding support is absolutely crucial to helping you provide the most value to your client. We provide this support.

Competitive Compensation

We take a collaborative approach toward a common goal and therefore offer transparent, competitive income splits.

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